Abiola Oke – Coaching the Future Professional Leader

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If you are looking for a great leader to implement change or help you grow as a leader, I highly recommend you read this book by Abiola Oke. I had been looking for something different to read since I was laid off from my last job. The thought of not having the freedom to travel and explore led me to self-development. I have always felt strongly that leadership development should be an ongoing thing as leaders grow and mature. With this book, I am now on my way to realizing all of the dreams I had when I was a young boy dreaming of becoming a great leader. Leadership development is essentially the process that helps develop people’s ability to perform more effectively in leadership positions in organizations.

The Benefits of Leadership Development

Leadership roles are those which facilitate implementation of an organizations plan through building emotional alignment, winning trust and developing the skills of others. The authors do a fabulous job of breaking down each skill needed to achieve leadership and how you can apply it to your current situation and future goals. You will learn how to: Empathize with your team members, communicate effectively, encourage participation and take ownership of your own leadership development. While these are skills in themselves, the book also goes a long way to explain the psychology behind them so you can understand how they can help you become a better leader. For example, Abiola Oke explains the concept of “leading from presence” in her leadership development book as meaning that leaders should be “presence felt.”

As a former leader, I was always intrigued by the psychology of leaders. I wanted to know how they could get others to follow them because I felt that if I didn’t lead them, then they probably wouldn’t follow me either. Leadership development programmes like the one offered by Abiola Oke help to illustrate these concepts in a clear and concise way. I look forward to reading more by Abiola Oke. Her books on leadership development seem to have great success with both management and executive leadership.

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