Carpet Cleaning Services

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Dedicated cleaners with well-tried and tested cleaning methods. Top-quality child and pet safe cleaning detergents that effectively remove stains. Prompt and reliable service. Pre-treatment of stains in high-traffic areas. Stainguard protection application for FREE. Antiviral sanitisation of the carpet for extra peace of mind. Combo offers available (carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning london or leather furniture cleaning).

How to waterproof a couch?

This is our most popular carpet cleaning london service. We use first-class powerful machines and a hot water extraction technique that cleans the carpet fibres inside and out. The dirt and dust are dissolved, and the machine sucks up all the excess moisture and grime leaving your carpet sanitised, refreshed and smelling fresh. This method is suitable for both natural and synthetic carpets.

Your operative will vacuum your carpets using a high-filtration vacuum cleaner, and pre-spray with an antiviral and deodorising product. Then, he or she will apply a special powdered dry detergent to the carpet and work it into the fibres with a machine with slowly rotating brushes. This powder will bind to all dirt and dust, and the dirty solution is then extracted by the machine together with the dirt and dust. This method is especially good for refreshing delicate rugs and carpets.

You can expect your carpet to be clean and fresh within about an hour, but the exact drying time depends on many factors such as weather and the initial condition of the carpet. Our operatives will also apply Stainguard protection for FREE, which makes your carpet more resistant to everyday soiling and oil-based and water-based stains.

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