The Child Care Centre in Spring Farm, NSW

The childcare centre spring farm is one of the best in New South Wales and is located in close proximity to the famous Sydney Opera House, Australia’s oldest major cultural centre. With plenty of parks, sporting venues and other amenities for children, there is always a demand for child care professionals, especially in this area of Australia. The centre in Spring Farm offers a range of child care services such as Early Childhood Development (ECD), Early Language (ELA) and Math and Science Education (MAT).

What to Look for in Child Care Centres in Spring Farm, New South Wales

The centre in Spring Farm is one of the few centres in Australia that offers both ECD and ELA programs; this is because the centre in Spring Farm is an award winning pre-school and one of the top child care facilities in the country. There is a large number of qualified and experienced staff on hand that will provide services to both parents and their children. The centre has a large pre-school program and a number of community based daycare centres in nearby Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Burleigh Heads and Wollomombi. There is also a number of adoption centres and family care homes available in the area for those looking to further their child care efforts.

With numerous government and private sector support programmes and partnerships in place, the centre has been able to expand and increase capacity in order to meet all of the increasing demand. It is one of the few centres in Australia that are fully licensed and accredited by the Department of Education and Training. As such, it provides opportunities for children to achieve their full potential through child care, early childhood development and educational services. The centre in Spring Farm is proud to be a leading provider of after-school, community, centre-based care and is fully committed to enhancing the local community and its role in the local economy.