Choosing a Concrete Contractor in Boise

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Whether you’re building your dream home or revamping your office, the right concrete contractor can make the difference. But, with Idaho having minimal regulations on contractor licensing it’s important to do your homework and perform due diligence. Hiring the wrong contractor can result in subpar work and costly liability claims. We’ve made the process easy for you by compiling a database of every licensed contractor in your area. Our BuildZoom score is based on multiple factors including the contractor’s licensing status, insurance coverage level, verified client reviews and standing with local consumer protection groups.

MS Concrete Boise is a professional concrete company in Boise that offers a wide range of specialist concrete services. From concreting floors to repairing damaged concrete, their team is dedicated to helping you achieve your ideal concrete project. They are familiar with local regulations and market pricing and will always strive to provide you with transparent pricing, honest advice, and excellent service delivery.

The Importance of Experienced Concrete Contractors in Boise’s Construction Boom

They offer two different types of concrete steps: precast and poured. Precast concrete steps are safer, more likely to be uniform in size, and contain the correct proportion of materials. They also require less labor to install and can withstand any weather. Poured concrete steps, on the other hand, are more customizable and can be formed into a variety of shapes.

Before hiring a concrete contractor, be sure to get at least 3 detailed bids. It’s important to choose a contractor that fits your project budget and is willing to take the time to clearly explain their estimate. Be wary of contractors who give extremely low bids, as they are often not worth the risk.

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