Christian Leaders Should Attend an Internet Bible College

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The Internet Bible College was founded by Drs. Larry and Debra Curtler, who have combined their years of experience in Biblical studies with their three decades of education in the fields of business administration and marketing. Dr. Curtler is an ordained minister and holds a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies, while Dr. Larry Curtler is an experienced businessman who has been involved in the Internet marketing industry. Together they have spent decades researching the Bible and developing a set of teachings which they believe is the only true Bible based on the infallible and exclusive Word of God. They maintain that the “Bible” is a living, changing document written by Jesus Christ and that every Christian should read this book and apply it in their lives today. The Internet Bible College is a non-profit company dedicated to teaching Bible believers how to apply God’s truths to all aspects of their lives in order to grow and develop fully as individuals and families. Review for more useful information.

Internet Bible College

The Philosophy Of Christian Leaders Should Attend An Internet Bible College

Because the Internet is such a dynamic medium, the teachings of any particular system of beliefs can easily be outdated. It is up to Christian leaders today to stay abreast of current cultural trends and the continual growth of the world-wide church so that they may continue to inspire young people and children with the timeless truths contained within the Bible. Because this type of schooling does not require large amounts of time and effort, Christian leaders may choose to attend the internet bible college only occasionally in order to refresh their memory on certain areas of Old Testament theology or to simply learn about new teachings and applications.

One drawback to attending an internet bible college is that many students do not feel the immediate connection to the local church or other Christian institutions of worship because the class is self-paced and online. This means that students do not have the opportunity to make personal connections with fellow Christians during the regular course of study. However, if a student is willing to work on their studies diligently and make time for church involvement in their spare time, then they will find the benefits of attending a traditional on-campus Christian college very worth it. They may even decide to take this same course in the future once they have established a solid foundation of faith and a strong following of fellow Christians.

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