Day Rate Hotels Near Me

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You can rent a hotel room for just a day and it’s often cheaper than booking a night. Some hotels call this day rate hotels near me and it’s becoming more common as travelers become more flexible with their travel plans.

It’s a new movement and it’s changing how we think about hotels. They’re not just sleeping sanctuaries anymore but places that people can stay in for a day to relax, host business meetings and even meet secret lovers.

The most popular way to book a day rate is through hotel partners like Day Use. But you can also try calling hotels directly and ask if they’re open to booking hourly rooms. Some hotels will limit your access to hotel amenities and others may only offer certain rooms or time windows for day rates.

Day Rate Hotel Explained: How to Locate Convenient Options in Your Are

Be careful because some hotels are notorious for extra charges. They may include extra fees for using a pay phone or prepaid cell phone, and you could be hit with local service or energy surcharges. It’s best to avoid these extra fees by using your own phone, paying for calls from the hotel phone, or going out to get a payphone nearby. If you can’t avoid extra charges, make sure to check your bill at checkout. Also, try opening an Incognito browser window to avoid price gouging by some hotel companies that keep track of what you’ve searched for online. This will prevent them from increasing prices when you return to their website.

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