DealMaker Assisted Brazil Potash in Raising Capital for the Autazes Project

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The fertilizer industry is a $70 billion global business, and potash (KNO3) is one of its core products. This vital crop nutrient is extracted from underground for processing and then applied to farmers crops, creating food security. This is a key factor in achieving the second UN Sustainable Development goal, “Ensuring Food Security”.

Brazil potash Autazes Project, once it receives all necessary approvals, would become the country’s first domestic source of potash, alleviating dependence on imports and reducing farmer supply-chain risk. The project is also environmentally friendly, with 85% of energy to be sourced from renewable sources and a goal to reduce the need for trucks to travel long distances, reducing carbon emissions.

Brazil’s Potash Reserves: A Hidden Natural Resource Gem

With its proximity to major farming areas and port terminals, the location of the Autazes deposit is ideally situated to make it a competitive alternative to imported potash. It is also close to the Madeira River, which transports soybeans from the state of Mato Grosso to ports in Itacoatiara and Santarem. These barges, which currently travel empty back up the Madeira, could instead be stacked with potash, greatly reducing transportation costs.

To get this large-scale food security project off the ground, the company needed to raise significant capital from investors in a short amount of time. DealMaker’s unique global Reg A+ platform made it easy for Brazil Potash to connect with investors across multiple jurisdictions and reach their fundraising goals. This was especially important given the regulatory complexity involved in raising capital from international investors, including AML/KYC requirements.

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