DISC Workshop – Building Stronger Relationships

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DISC workshop

DISC more information is an important step for teams in building stronger relationships. Whether they’re in the sales, management, customer service or leadership roles, every team needs to learn to effectively communicate with each other and create positive, long-lasting working relationships.

Understanding one’s own personality and behavior is vital for success in any job. The ability to look inward and understand your motivations, preferred communication style, comfort zones and flaws allows individuals to work more productively and efficiently. Using DISC assessment tools can help remove perceptual filters and enable individuals to see themselves in others more clearly.

DISC Workshops in the Workplace: Boosting Employee Engagement and Productivity

When teams have access to this knowledge, they can identify their own style and the styles of others and make adjustments accordingly to build better relationships. This improves productivity, efficiency, and workplace morale. DISC training is also helpful for team members who are dealing with conflict or tension. It helps them identify what’s behind the conflict and develop ways to move forward.

Our DISC workshop is fun and engaging with activities, small group discussions and engaging videos. Participants are invited to take a DISC assessment before the session, which will provide them with insights into their own personalities and how they interact with others. The assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. The results are delivered through a customized DISC report that will be shared with participants. The report will help them identify their strengths and growing edges and how to best interact with other DISC styles.

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