How Solar Panels Installation Is Done

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Solar panels installation  into energy. They consist of a large array of silicon cells connected together. They can be mounted on a rooftop or in the ground, depending on the location and size of the home. The amount of sunshine received in a region is a key factor when determining the effectiveness of the system.

A qualified solar installer will survey your home to determine if it is suitable for solar panels. This includes assessing the number of sunny hours the area receives each year and nd the amount of weight your roof can bear and where rainwater will drain after storms.

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The next step involves building a platform for the solar panels to sit on. This involves digging holes and pouring concrete footings to anchor the mounting structure. The platform is then attached to the roof using a variety of brackets, bolts and clamps that ensure the panels are secured. A wiring system connects the modules to a fuse combiner box and interior control panels. This is designed to protect the modules from damage and minimize power leakage.

This is also a good opportunity to have any electrical upgrades or repairs done. This step takes one to three days and can be completed by a professional team.

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