How to Make Mushroom Chocolate

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mushroom chocolate and are a classic combination. The bold, rich flavour of chocolate is said to resemble the feeling of love, while mushrooms offer many healing benefits including stress relief, focus and memory enhancement.

Mushroom chocolate can be purchased in a variety of forms from hot chocolate blends to capsules and now, even chocolate bars. These mushroom chocolates are generally made from high-quality dark chocolate and infused with functional mushrooms like reishi, turkey tail, cordyceps or chaga. They are an excellent way to consume a small dose of entheogens in a more convenient manner than brewing a tincture or smoking a shroom.

Indulging in Magic: The Delightful World of Shroom Chocolate

Making your own mushroom chocolate is a fairly simple process of melting some chocolate, mixing in the powdered mushrooms, and pouring into molds to solidify into individual chocolate bars that you can enjoy or give away as gifts. The most difficult part of this recipe is determining how powerful you want your individual chocolate to be. We recommend using a scale to measure out your mushrooms, and trying to get close to 1 gram per chocolate bar (that is what most people will experience as a microdose).

Once the chocolate has melted, add 14 grams of finely ground mushroom powder into the bowl and mix well. This is important to do so that the mushroom powder is evenly distributed throughout the chocolate and that no dry clumps of it remain. Then, carefully pour your mushroom chocolate into the desired molds. Make sure to follow the instructions of whatever molds you are using, as some may require greasing or oiling before pouring in your chocolate. Once the chocolate has cooled and set, remove the bars from the molds and store in a cool, dry place.

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