IPQualityScore – 5 Ways to Proactively Prevent Fraud

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IPQualityScore IP reputation

IPQualityScore IP reputation an easy-to-read IP reputation score that identifies malicious connections based on hundreds of millions of user actions each day. Analyze risk points like Recent Abuse, Abuse Velocity, Fraud Score, Bot Status and more to quickly identify connections with a history of abuse that are part of a botnet or malware network.

Proactively Prevent Fraud(tm) With Leading Data & Quality Control Solutions

Use our simple API to proactively identify threats, bots, and compromised connections in real-time. Get over 25 data points including geo location, ISP, proxy status, connection type, device details, risk analysis, fraud score, and more.

Maximizing Online Security: How IPQualityScore IP Reputation Scoring Can Help

Check your IP reputation data on a secondly, minutely, hourly, daily, and weekly basis. IPQS delivers tabular data with 5 years of historical coverage, or you can opt for a live feed to instantly update your system with new threat data.

Proactively Detect Bad Actors & Block Cyber Threats with Industry Leading Data and User Validation

IPQS’s suite of fraud prevention tools automates quality control to prevent bots, fake accounts, chargebacks, and malicious users without interrupting the user experience. Our user validation and fraud prevention products prevent unauthorized payments, bogus accounts, fraudulent clicks & transactions, and more, with industry leading user data.

Premium Account Feature

IPQS’s Proxy Detection enables businesses to proactively identify low quality users, duplicate accounts, bogus user information, and fraudsters in real-time. The solution also enables chargebacks, payment fraud, ecommerce fraud, and other types of invalid traffic with real-time click filtering to ensure only high quality users are able to make purchases.

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