Liquidation Bin Stores

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liquidation bin stores

If you love a bargain, you’re going to like this retail trend. These are stores where shoppers dig through bins filled with overstock, scratch and dent and customer return merchandise from major retailers at a fixed price each day. This type of liquidation business typically offers a variety of products from different categories, including electronics, beauty and health items, clothing, toys and food.

Liquidation bin stores have exploded in popularity, with many opening in cities around the country. Spokane, Wash., is home to the city’s first return resale store, which opened Saturday. Shoppers flocked to the new store, lining up for hours to browse the bins and hunt down deals on goods such as 3D printers and Samsung computer monitors.

Budget-Friendly Bliss: Uncovering the Best Finds at Local Bargain Bins Stores

A lot of work goes into running a store such as this, and some of the key factors that contribute to its success are the location, the number of employees, the restocking schedule and the pricing model. The owners of Wonderland Bins say that they receive thousands of items a week and use an “everything must go” pricing model to sell the inventory quickly each day.

The store also closes Monday through Thursday and reopens on Friday with general merchandise liquidation pallets that come from Amazon, Walmart and Target among others. This allows the store to keep its prices low and creates a weekly event sale for shoppers. The result is a treasure hunters paradise that has many customers coming back to explore each week.

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