Paloma Gas Heater Service Near Me

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Paloma gas heater service near me

Are you searching for a reliable Paloma gas heater service near me? If so, you have come to the right place. You can find a highly-rated company that will take care of all of your heater’s needs, including routine maintenance. In addition to regular maintenance, this brand of heater is renowned for its efficiency and longevity. It is a good idea to take advantage of professional Paloma gas heater service near me so you can benefit from the best possible service for your unit.

The Problem Could Be A Fuel Supply Issue, Or It Could Be A Combustion Issue

If your water heater is making strange noises or has a yellow pilot light, it’s time to call a Paloma gas heater service near me. The problem could be a fuel supply issue, or it could be a combustion issue. If the pilot light is flickering, you may have a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide is deadly and poisonous. If you notice a yellow flame, immediately turn off the gas supply and stop using the heater. Don’t forget to turn off the pilot light so you don’t spark it.

In addition to checking the pilot light, it’s important to hire a qualified technician to inspect your gas heater for wear and damage. Flickering pilot lights can be a sign of insufficient gas flow, corroded tips, or even the presence of an improperly positioned pilot light. A technician will be able to diagnose the issue and make any necessary repairs. If it’s not time for a new unit, you can also call a Paloma gas heater service near me to have it inspected and repaired.

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