Podcasts For Sales Leadership

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In times past, sales leadership training required sitting in on seminars and attending conferences, but now you can learn from the best at your convenience by tuning into podcasts. This convenient format allows sales leaders to listen in on thought-provoking conversations with other sales professionals and stay up-to-date on all the latest trends.

What is boosting sales?

Sales professionals are always on the go, closing deals, managing teams and putting in extra hours to reach their sales goals. Finding the time to search out articles and books on sales strategy can be challenging, but with podcasts for sales leadership you can listen to the best in the business anytime, anywhere.

This podcast from Habanero Media hosts Pat Helmers, whose ethos of cutting through technical jargon in his episodes makes this podcast perfect for sales leaders who work in smaller sectors like entrepreneurs and small businesses. He dives into topics like prospecting, the mindset of the salesperson, and pitching to startups or government entities to give practical advice on becoming a successful leader in sales.

With a doctorate in behavioral science and experience working for a number of large companies, Courtney McCashland is the expert in understanding what drives seller and sales leadership success. She is the co-founder and chief executive officer of AuctusIQ, a company that helps identify high-performing sales people. In this episode, she discusses how to create a culture of sales success and the skills that will help your team perform at their peak.

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