Round Labels and Shapes

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round label stickers

Round label stickers are a great way to market your business. They’re inexpensive, easy to make and have long-term advertising potential. They’re also a fun way to share your brand and show off your creativity!

Round Labels & Shapes

Circle stickers are an excellent choice for any product that needs a unique look. They’re easy to print, fit most artwork and look fantastic with a badge-like effect.

Printed circles are available in die cut and kiss cut styles, as well as clear. They’re ideal for water bottle labels, wedding invitations, and more.

White Vinyl – Indoor Use

These white round label stickers are made from a high-quality material that’s durable, waterproof and resistant to oil and solvents. They’re also resistant to sunlight, so they’re suitable for indoor applications.

Round Stickers for Gift Wrapping and Party Favors

Our BOPP round labels are made from biaxially oriented polypropylene and come in either matte or glossy finishes. They’re durable and resistant to chemicals, making them perfect for jars of spices or other kitchen items.

JAM Paper White Round Circle Label Sticker Seals

These self-adhesive, white round sticker seals are a great choice for identifying items in your home or office. They’re easy to peel and stick and come in a pack of 108 labels.

These stickers are a great way to identify items in your home, such as cell phones, cameras, small electronics, and markers. They’re also ideal for putting round eyes on craft projects and photo books!

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