Shelters and Canopies

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A shelters and canopies is an effective solution for a variety of applications. It can protect people or vehicles from the elements. It can also help to define a space. It is available in a variety of sizes and materials. It can be a pop-up tent that is ideal for camping trips and music festivals or it could be a permanent structure in a garden or backyard. It is also an excellent solution for use in commercial projects or above outdoor kitchens on multifamily housing projects.

The Eureka Tagalong Shelter is a great example of a lightweight canopy that offers sun relief to campers or hikers. The canopy can be packed down to a small and compact size when not in use and it is easy to carry thanks to a drawstring stuff sack. It is also very affordable and the perfect solution for any outdoor adventure.

School Canopies

A well-designed outdoor canopy can bring many benefits to a school. It can provide a covered walkway between different buildings, providing a space where students and staff can wipe their feet or remove coats while not interrupting the flow of people within the building. It can also create additional space allowing students and staff to eat lunch outdoors or for sports activities outside of the classrooms. It can even offer a place for storing equipment and furniture while freeing up room inside the school. This is a cost-effective way to make the most of outdoor space without extending the building and it looks stylish too.

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