Surveyors – What They Do and How They Do It

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When you need to determine property lines or if a construction project requires stake-out, you will want to hire a surveyors in DE. You can find a professional through your state’s professional society for surveyors, or you can ask real estate agents, title companies or lenders for recommendations. A land surveyor will be able to give you a price quote after discussing the specific needs of your property. The size, location and type of survey you need will influence the cost. Boundary surveys, ALTA/ACSM (mortgage) surveys and title insurance coverage surveys are crucial for completing real estate transactions. Other types of surveys include topographic surveys, subdivision design and platting, utility and pipeline surveys, wetland delineation, percolation testing, foundation location surveys, and construction staking.

Unearthing Property Insights: The Role of a Land Survey Company in Delaware Real Estate

A professional surveyor will perform research through various sources, including County Clerk’s offices and other agencies, to gather information affecting the property. He or she will then send a field crew to physically examine the property. During this time the team will locate any physical evidence that affects the property’s boundaries, and note any improvements. A final determination of the property lines is made based on this field evidence, and a map, called a plat, is drawn for the parcel.

A surveyor will also set markers — such as concrete pillars or iron pipes — to indicate the corners of a property. This service is often requested by homeowners who wish to avoid future disputes with neighbors or builders who accidentally build on other people’s property.

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