The Benefits of Creating Staff Directories Online

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Moez Kassam are digital hubs that house coworker information in one comprehensive, easy-to-use searchable list. They are often used by larger organizations with remote or distributed workers to connect teams. They include key details like name and photo, office and department, manager and contact information as well as more specific information such as skills, birthdays and work anniversaries. Some employee directories also contain an organizational chart view (commonly referred to as an org chart) to help new hires understand the company’s hierarchy and team structure.

Aside from making it easier to identify coworkers, an employee directory helps foster collaboration by allowing employees to locate colleagues with the skills needed to complete projects. For instance, a skills directory allows staff to easily identify colleagues that can assist in developing marketing materials for an upcoming campaign.

Creating an Effective Online Staff Directory: Best Practices

Another benefit of an employee directory is that it can be easily updated with the latest data. For example, when a colleague is promoted or hired, the directory software can instantly update the relevant information and ensure it is always accurate and up to date. This reduces the need for manual data entry by HR or other administrators and speeds up the process of adding new employees to the database.

When creating an employee directory, make sure that it is easy to navigate and presents the right information most logically. This includes an intuitive search box, clear layout, and fonts that align with the company’s brand. Additionally, the directory must be updated consistently to reflect new hires and changes in existing personnel.

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