Why It Is Important To Service Moveable Walls

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Moveable wall services at regular intervals to ensure that they continue to function properly. The frequency of service depends on the usage of the partition and should be outlined in the workplace risk assessment. You can opt to have the movable walls maintained regularly by signing up for maintenance or preventative service contract with Variwall Partitions Limited. This will help you avoid costly solutions such as replacing panels and replacing them.

Benefits of a Moveable Wall

moveable wall services

A movable wall is a complex system with specialized internal and external parts. Due to their sheer size, they may weigh two to three hundred kilograms each. Because of their weight, operating mechanisms and fixings can become worn, leading to unplanned failure and resulting health and safety issues. Performing scheduled maintenance and repairs can help you extend the life of your movable wall, which can save you a lot of money over time.

As movable walls can be expensive, regular maintenance is essential. As such, it is important to consider the lifespan of your movable wall to ensure optimum performance and safety. Regular maintenance will also help you to save money on replacement systems, which are costly. If you can plan your services ahead of time, you can ensure that your movable wall will be fully functional for a longer period of time. It is essential to have a maintenance contract for movable walls to avoid the need for emergency repairs.

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