Willow Figurine

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The most recent addition to the Willy Wonka line of dolls is the “Willow Figure” doll. Willy Wonka has always made some of his famous chocolate candies into beautiful and charming dolls, and the “Willow” doll is no exception. Each of these figures is carved from a piece of chocolate candy, and has a life-like pose. Although they are mostly white, with black trim on the legs and on the face, each of them also has small patches of red or purple under their fingernails. The Willow Figure also has two very different expression expressions – one that is sad and another that is happy.

willow figure

Why You Never See Willow Figurine That Actually Works

In order to get this life-like doll to have all of the various poses, you need to add a little clay to the bottom of the body. It is recommended that you use the same clay that you painted the other expressions on. Use this same clay to paint the expression on the Willow Figure’s face, too. For this part of the doll to have a more natural look, use white paint. Try to make sure that the paint that you used goes well with the other accessories on the doll.

You can find these dolls at many fine doll shops around the country, and they can also be found online. The Internet is a great place to buy dolls, because you can browse for bargains and choose your dolls in a matter of seconds. This option also allows you to choose between several different Willy Wonka dolls. Prices will vary depending on where you buy the doll from. A good general rule is that the more dolls you buy, the higher the price.

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